About GWP

In a decentralized digital economy based on blockchain, many projects are underway to
design protocols to coordinate the production, distribution and consumption of goods and

Blockchain uses cryptographic technology to prove past transactions to generate future
transactions. In addition, we are trying to automatically produce the desired goods and
services and issue an appropriate amount of money using predefined economic rewards
within the blockchain system.

Cryptocurrency value has already grown to a huge economic scale compared to the Real
world, and the connection between the fiat currency and the cryptocurrency world is needed.

White paper


Crypto Payment
Gateway Protocol

Cryptocurrency offer more advantages over fiat currency,
however, it is still not mainstream. Digital currency will eventually be the future of money.

Gateway Protocol invite you to a new economic system with blockchain technology. Gateway Protocol implements a cryptocurrency payment interface by adopting extensive user experience in legal currency payments.

GWP Technology

Blockchain protocols have opened amazing new ways to incentives, consensus, and assurance of transparent implementation of rules, and Gateway Protocol will take the lead in these developments.

Gateway Protocol envisions a world with greater financial authority, reliability, and transparency by technologies that bridge the gap between cryptocurrency payment systems and legal currency payment systems, regardless of their location or assets.

 Smart API

- Acceptance of cryptocurrency and legal currency.
- Barcode Payment
- QR Code Payment (MPM/CPM)
- Cryptocurrency prepaid card

 Cryptocurrency payment gateway

- Online/Offline Access including SDK/Plugin/ API/Gateway
- GWP Network : On-Chain Environment enables Real-time payment

 In-APP payment SDK

- Provide Partners with in-app Payment SDK based on GWP Network

Main Services

The composition of Gateway Protocol

Smart contract

Real-time transaction


SDK, Plugin, API, Gateway for Online/Offline Access


Establish a new payment network with lower payment fees and settlement fees with blockchain technology

• Reduce fees and other expenses.
• Visualized, simple and standardized smart contract interface to lower the threshold for commercial use of smart contracts.
• Improving operational efficiency by supporting functions such as dispute mediation / credit score evaluation / risk control / fraud prevention / clearing, etc.
• Comprehensive support for cryptocurrency payments in various transaction scenarios such as Web/App/Wallet.
• Self-evolving and communities and open ecosystems where innovative technology companies join the community and promote the development of industrial public chains.
• Strong localization compliance and anti-money laundering programs connection.

Team and Advisor

GWP Team Members


Project Management
and Coordinator


Marketing and
Strategic Partnership


Lead Core Back-end


Lead IT Securities
and Data Protection

GWP Advisor


Advising Development
and System Design

GWP Roadmap

GWP Payment Development Plan

2022 Q1

- Developing GWP Payment Service

2022 2Q

- Service POC

2022 4Q

- Launching Pilot Service operation

2023 1Q

- Test Service

2023 4Q

- Launching Official Service


GWP Ecosystem expansion plan

2022 1Q

- Exchange Listing

2022 2Q

- Exchange Listing

2022 3Q

- Exchange Listing

2022 4Q

- Service Presentation and Partner Recruitment
- Exchange Listing

2023 1Q

- Open Service Development Community and user Recruitment

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